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Income Protection

Income Protection

Your income is usually one of the most important things in your life, as without an income it can severely impact on your lifestyle, and being able to pay your mortgage/rent, put food on the table and even affect the luxuries that you take for granted.

Whether you are a homeowner, renting or living at home, it is always worth reviewing your own situation in regards to how long you will be paid if you are off due to accident or sickness, as dependant on your work, you may be eligible for some pay (usually for a limited period), or you might be eligible for nothing other than statutory sick pay, which currently amounts to £87.55 per week (December 2014).

These types of policies are not designed to cover you for basic illnesses where you are off for a few days, but the issues that mean you may not work for a long period of time, i.e car accident, stress, depression, cancer, heart attack and basically anything that will keep you off work long term.

The reason most people do not take these types of policies is that they feel being off work due to accident or sickness won’t happen to them, or often believe their employer will pay them for a lot longer than they actually will.

However the realism is that there is a good chance it could happen to you, and sometimes for less than what you may pay for your TV subscription you can protect yourself against ever having to be out of pocket due to not being able to work.

The main things that affect the cost of a policy will be the amount you want to be covered for, length of the policy, type of job you do, and how long you want to defer for (i.e if your work pay out for 1 month, and you have 2 months savings as an emergency fund, you might want a policy to start paying out after 3 months instead of 1 which would be cheaper)

Our partners will discuss all your needs, and design a policy that fits your circumstances, and at the same time will give 10% of the commission they receive from the insurer back to your football club.

All our partners are Independent Financial Advisors and will be directly authorised by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

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