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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Many people need life insurance for a number of reasons, the main ones however would be to protect a mortgage, your family, a business or even your wealth.

Life insurance is important and it is always worth talking through your requirements with an independent financial advisor, as when arranging yourself online yourself you can often miss important things, i.e is there a need to put it into trust.

Here at Help Your Football Club our partners are able to look at placing new life insurance policies, whilst also reviewing any policies that you currently have, to make sure they form the right cover for you.

They can also look to see if you are paying more than you need too, as very often people will take policies through their banks who may be tied to one particular insurer, and when you look to the whole of the market you can often make a monthly saving whilst retaining the level of cover.

With life insurance the independent financial advisors we use are paid a commission by the insurers for arranging the policy, and again your football club via HYFC will benefit from any new policy written.

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